Intravenous IV is a method of providing safe, effective pain and anxiety control. The dose and depth can easily be individualized to meet each patient’s specific needs. Because of its rapid effects and ease of reversal, many patients prefer this relaxation option for dental care.

Just like other forms of sedation dentistry, IV sedation is designed to make the patient relaxed and completely comfortable. IV sedation also eliminates dental anxiety and pain. The patient will not be asleep during the appointment and will still be able to respond to verbal cues. Because The patient is completely relaxed, you can accomplish more high-quality dentistry in less time.

IV sedation also gives the dentist optimum control of the amount of medication administered and allows the dentist to readily increase or decrease the level of sedation as needed, quickly and comfortably.

An additional benefit of IV sedation includes faster onset of the sedation medications, meaning you’ll be able to feel the effects of the medication quickly.

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